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Protective Face Mask - Bright Blue

AUQUA Masks are designed to help protect and filter out small particles and droplets in the air you may breath, also helping to assist against contamination from touching your face. 


We have designed this mask so it can be worn with or without a filter and can be changed when needed. Each mask comes with X1 disposable filter. You can select between the PP Non-Woven filters (single layer polypropylene filter - same material as most medical masks) or the PM2.5 Activated Carbon filters (5 multi-layer filter). You may purchase additional filters here (PP Filter orPM2.5)


Sizing guidelines: Our masks are extremely flexible in design therefore they fit most faces.

Kids (Recommended ages 4-10)

Adults: one size fits most

Please note: that we have a currency converter on our website (top right hand corner). You may be viewing the product price in the currency where you are located and during check out the price will change to AUD and you will be charged in Australian dollars. 


Designed and Made in Australia


Legal Disclaimer: Although AUQUA masks contain certain fabrics that are used in medical PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) we do not guarantee 100% protection against viral or bacterial infections. 

Although we use the highest quality fabrics your mask may fade with washing and disinfecting, however this will not diminish the effectiveness of the mask.


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